Low cost, flat fee services for people who represent themselves


We are redesigning our website to provide more information about how you can solve your own legal problems. Keep checking back as we add more "How-To" items and more services you can purchase online. 

About Us

What is your legal problem?

More and more people are trying to handle their legal issues without the help of an attorney. We try to provide plenty of information on our website to help you figure out what your legal issue is and the steps to take to try to address it yourself.

Let us help you draft the documents.

Even if you've done all the research you can think of, you still may feel unsure about drafting your own legal documents. We can help.

We don't represent you, but we'll make sure you have everything you need to accomplish your goals. And if your case is too complicated to handle on your own, we can refer you to an attorney for representation. 

Quality legal services without the high fees.

Once you know what you need, click on the appropriate link, which will take you to a questionnaire. Once you fill it out and pay, it goes right to an attorney for review. They'll send you the completed documents with step-by-step instructions. Try it now!