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Do-It-Yourself Legal Services

We draft your paperwork based on what you tell us; give you a checklist of what to do; and tell you what to say in court. Typically, once you complete the questionnaire and pay for the service, you'll get a complete package in return that should have everything you need to handle your family law issue yourself.

Family Law


Divorce, No Kids or Property

Mention an uncontested divorce in front of an attorney and they’ll probably tell you there’s no such thing.

That’s not true, but most people going through a divorce do have some issues to work out. However, if your divorce seems to be completely mutual — it won’t be without paperwork. It’s always best to cover all of your bases. The experts at Law to Go can help make sure you have all the documents and information you need to move on to the next chapter in your lives. $199.00 

Divorce, Kids and/or Property

If you have children together, several issues need to be determined.

  • Will it be primary or joint custody?
  • If primary, which parent will get custody?
  • Will the court order child support payments? If so, how much?
  • What will the visitation schedule be?
  • Who will pay for insurance and other expenses?

What about property? Did you buy a house during the marriage? Cars? Do you have a vinyl record collection? Did you build a business together? Are there retirement accounts? These can become sticking points during a divorce.

We will do our best to prepare you for court so you can have a fair hearing and hopefully reach the best result for everyone.

An experienced and wise lawyer once told us, “If everyone leaves mad, the judge probably did the right thing.” Sometimes we don’t get everything we want, but we always deserve a fair shot at it.


There are many reasons to establish paternity when a child is born outside of marriage (and sometimes inside a marriage). When you and your opposite-sex spouse have a child together, the law presumes that the man is the biological father of the child. When there is no marriage, that is not true, and the “putative” father has no legal rights or responsibilities.

So if you break up, you have to establish paternity so that you have legal rights as to the child. Rights like: custody, visitation, the right to help make decisions, and issues of financial support.

We recommend establishing paternity even if the (unmarried) relationship is stable. Not because you think there is a question about paternity, but to establish legal rights from the beginning. As with any other legal contention, paternity involves a specific set of paperwork and a specific path through our local legal system, but don’t worry — We at Law to Go are here to help. Fill out the forms to get started.


Do you have an existing case and you just need to file a motion asking the court to do something? Use this form and we'll put it in the proper format and include the "legalese" for the motion, based on what you tell us.